• Alex


    A large, tan cave bear in ill-fitting cloth armor walking around on two legs. An orb swings in a cross hatched pouch attached to his left paw.
  • Kiri-nith


    A tall Elf bound in scale armor. A large bastard sword hangs at his side, and appears to twitch with anticipation. Seemingly accompanied by a slightly shorter Shifter.
  • Siobahn Dianthus

    Siobahn Dianthus

    A tall, fat, half-elf woman with leather armor. Her belt holds a wand with the slightest sparkle at the end of it.
  • Skjörn


    An average sized Shifter clad in hide armor, with an impressive halberd on his back. Seemingly accompanied by a slightly taller Elf.
  • Camille Hortense

    Camille Hortense

    A short human woman with her hair pulled back in a bun and a generally concerned look. She wears a work shirt and a pair of overalls. She is covered with dirt for undiscernible reasons.
  • Fabian Klaus

    Fabian Klaus

    An Elf wrapped gently in fine fabrics which glisten in the light. He seems good natured, but speaks darkly when some subjects are broached.
  • Frederick Isodore

    Frederick Isodore

    A weary-looking Human whose body speaks of years and whose eyes speak of both wisdom and wariness.