City of Courts


Althaea is divided into 7 sections

  1. The Focal: Home to the wealthiest families and their servants, as well as the Mayor’s Hold and the President
  2. The Flare: Home to the foremost artists and artistic illusionists, as well as the port entrance to the city during the trade summit
  3. The Towers: Holds the universities and the professors and school staff
  4. The Aisles: Home to the scribes and libraries, as well as containing student housing.
  5. The Manors: Lesser to mid range noble families live here, as well as their servants. The majority of shops selling high-end magical items and potions are here
  6. The Crystals: People who provide magical services, including the extremely necessary trade of appraising magical items, as well as scrying, enchanting, and scroll-making make their shops and homes here. It is also the point from which the Charoneers receive their goods.
  7. The Dock: The dock is the shipyard from which Althaea trades with Immeral. It has several docking stations which are extremely busy usually four days a week. Most of the people work here loading and unloading goods live in the segment, which has the densest, worst housing.


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