Port Yvann

City of Forges


Port Yvann is divided into five sections:

  1. The Dock: The dock is the shipyard from which Port Yvann trades with Sillead. It has several docking stations which are extremely busy usually four days a week. Most people work here loading and unloading goods.
  2. The Foundries: The Foundries lie on either side of the dock. Most shipments from Sillead are unshaped ingots so that Port Yvann can shape them to whatever is needed by the other cities; the Foundries are where various ingots are processed and shaped into various tools, weapons, and armor, and also where the Charoneers pick up the shipments of the processed goods.
  3. The Shacks: A thin strip of housing between the the Dock and the Bazaar. The quality of the houses is awful, since they are the original buildings from the first settlement of Port Yvann and have seen little maintenance since. People usually live here for it’s proximity to the docks. The Shacks also hold the People’s Assembly, the City Court, and the Mayor’s Hold.
  4. The Bazaar: The main point of on-island trade, not only for Port Yvann, but the entire island. All sorts of shops set up stalls, and a few have brick-and-mortar locations. There are very few specialists of anything but craft, since specialists tend to stay in their own city, but the sheer amount of specialty tools, lenses, non-magical blades and armor, and everyday tools leaves little to want, and even leatherworkers and clothiers come to Port Yvann to ply their trade. All kinds of people pulse the the Bazaar from all across the sea, and very few sights stick out as sailors from around the world trade their gold to the few magical item, apothecary, and blacksmith shops. Even nobles can occasionally be seen picking up quality tools, weapons, lenses, and arcane focuses to be enchanted at Althaea.
  5. The Inns: Most of these residences were built after population increases in Port Yvann, but the quality of the construction is much higher than the Shacks. As the name suggests, this area started out as mostly inns and taverns to house the workers moving to Port Yvann from foreign lands. As the population grew people built more and more houses, but continued to build in the style of inns, with multiple families living in the same building.

Port Yvann

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